Connect with the right audience

We have tracked thousands of sports fans, teams and competitions during some time, as a result you can browse, cut, and slice the data to find the perfect pick based on your preferences.

Find the right people who connects with your audience. We rank sports fans by their digital reputation - reach, network and other indicators- to ease your workload.

Don't waste money on inaccurate channels, now your can easily connect with your real costumers.

How will help me?

We, at will help you identify the sport audience, team or competition that suits your company. We have a database of over five thousand sports fans. Our service lets you cut & slice that data in various ways, such as filtering by size, hype, location, what topics they audience follow, or if they are influencers in your company's market reach.

I have more questions!

Send us an email at We will be more than happy to help.

How is this different from other ads tools?

Our focus is on digitial and social targeting. We analyse athletes and their network graph. The Numballs systems surface social networks on Twitter and Facebook.

Is this limited to sports only?

We are currently focusing on sports athletes, teams and competitions and how they relate to communication by using specific filters such as region or age.